Had a nice egg sammy for breakfast, now coffee. The sun is rising, and the sky is clear, and I am (of course) at the writer’s desk, hammering some text about nothing, lol!nnAt some point, laundry has to get done, and I am not sure when I will be able to do so. I may make a trip to the ‘rents *before* Xmas Day and get it done over there, as I need to make a trip to Schnucks in that time, anyway. I need “serious” groceries + Clorox Wipes + Swiffer wipes (for a stick mop, for the kitchen/bathroom) + more Tide Pods, etc. I my be able to do all this tomorrow, or even today (if I am fast, as no one likes to drive at night). nnSpeaking of which, Xmas Day, it’s almost here! The plan is, I think, to get all of the OLD entertainment center disassembled at the ‘rents house *before* NYE (and *after* Xmas Day – because no one wants to hassle with it day-of) and put the (disassembled) EC out into the garage for when it gets listed on Craigslist, or Facebook Marketplace, or wherever she decides to sell it, and then we will assemble the NEW entertainment center (which is already at their house) and put the new 65 inch Samsung TV on it (again, already at their house). At that point, I will bring home the 40 inch (-ish, not sure of the screen size) Magnavox TV, and hold onto it until I get the entertainment console (as I wouldn’t call it a “center”) from Wayfair the first week of January. And that will be that.nnSo anyway, first thing’s first – laundry has to get done, and therapy, and grocery shopping, and of course the Xmas Day festivities, as well (which I am quite looking forward to), and then all the other stuff can happen. nnBack soon!

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