Coffee runs low, as does my energy. The night is still (sorta) young, but I have nothing to add to it. Tomorrow the sun comes out, and I will fetch groceries and soda from Schnucks, and see what the day brings.nnThe notion of “having something to write about” stops me in my tracks sometimes. Like, I feel like I need to have some “issue” or “topic” to address in order to put words onto the screen, but I really don’t. And oftentimes (90% of the time), I just say whatever happens to come to mind *while* I am typing.nnAnd incidentally, this is probably an unwise way to do things, or maybe the *best* to do them, but it’s the only way I actually know *how* to do them, so it’s what I go with.nnIn terms of “doing something” with blogging, any semblance of lingering ambition that may have hung on from earlier years has for the most part drifted away within the first year of me starting a blog on W.a. The more I wrote (and write) the more I realize just how “dead” the blogging world is. There’s nothing to it. People can either put shit on Twitter/Facebook/Instagram (or wherever) and “get seen”, or feel noticed, and then that’s the name of the rose, and they scoop up their likes and following, and that’s is “how” people do things and have done things since…over a decade ago. People were inclined to try to *monetize* writing online a long while back, but now even large publications can’t run an ad without everyone clicking away, some to never return again. Some use paywalls and shit (or, a subscriber model), and there is not *too much* purpose in that for the end reader, from what I can tell – news is sort of news. And if it is *not* a hot shit publication, and is instead a simple blog/life story of someone, then it’s a lost cause.nnThe “point” of blogging is not to make money (but it once *very much so* was), and there also isn’t other type of “replacement” for that, meaning there isn’t a “point” to why I, or anyone else, does this stuff. Sharing a story is great, or a series of personal experience essays, or being transparent about a small company or service, or whatever – but, the question as to “why people blog” is mostly lost on me, in some ways.nnIn terms of why *I* blog, I don’t have an answer for that, either. Life just sorta…sucks *without* blogging? I have no other outlet for my words/thoughts (online or anywhere else)? Or perhaps there is a continuum of constant thought and awareness that permeates my mind, and being able to put “pen to paper” with the stuff is more beneficial than letting those things (thoughts) sit within the mind?nnI don’t know, I can’t make heads or tails of it. It is what it is.nnback soon

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