No eye-opening epiphanies on life nor our (bizarre) times coming from this keyboard tonight, I don’t think. Nothing thoughtful or brilliant (or nothing that I have been thinking about in particular, anyway). Just moving on through the night, feeling OK, making coffee to top the night off, and will be up a bit late doing XYZ things online.nnDecided to fire up a bowl of Kentucky leaf just now, too. Same stuff I had at 4:00 AM this morning. Brilliant smoke. One-dimensional, but in the best possible way. And I also found out that Samuel Gawith (a tobacco brand) has their Navy Flake in-stock at!), as well as a few other blends I’ve always wanted to try. Most places *never* have SG in-stock when I am looking for them! So the Navy Flake went right into the cart. Looking forward! I’ve never had it before.nnA thing I should look into this evening, is a Winter coat. I had a really cool one chosen on Lengendary Whitetails, but I am pretty sure they are liquidating the store, because everything is on sale, and they are not putting anything back into stock, so…IDK. A good coat *is* going to be needed this Winter though, for sure.nnThe search begins…

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