Made the usual double-scoop Noir coffee, something to accompany the sporadically falling rain outside. It's on, it's off - mist and droplets. A great way to start a week, I think. As I think warm rains are the best weather ever (especially in the middle of Summer, when it cools everything off).

So there's the brief (and nice) STLWX weather report from my neck of the world, haha. I will keep that stuff brief, as I don't need to write entire blog posts about the weather outside (though I did earlier on tmo, sorta, because the rain out on the balcony was SO good!).

I called my sister, "C", a bit ago and caught up with her. Things are ok in her world. So that's good. Good to catch up a bit.

E-mailed some folks this morning, too. Keepin' up with the bloggin' loggers ;)

Wednesday I have a therapy appointment, and I am looking forward to that. Plenty to discuss, as usual.

No other words come to me at the moment. So I will update when they do :)

back soon