Not *quite* noon, yet, but I am having coffee on this cool, overcast Halloween at 11:00 AM. nnI was pissed a good amount of the morning – due to cost of the toys I *was* going to get my Great Nephew, but the total runs *way*, Way, WAY too high for a three stuffed/plush animals (I’m talking $135+ after shipping/taxes) because of XYZ (probably cynical) assumptions made on my part, I will be ordering something else for him. From someWHERE else.nnIt’s a shame that people (any co) uses their patents, trademarks, and copyrights to sue mom & pop stores into bankruptcy to protect their cartoon character’s likeness (with the argument that they (the co) are “avoiding lawsuit”), and then that same co oh-so-conveniently finds itself without any competition after that (as if there would be any in the first place – not like I can put a cartoon **I** made on the fxxxing Disney channel), and reflects this situation by the cost of their DVD’s, toys, clothing, etc. by pricing them up to $40 for a stuffed toy.nnPeople wonder why monopolies shouldn’t exist (I digress, if anyone is “wondering” that, they shouldn’t be allowed to handle money) – it’s because it’s bad for the consumer, and just bad consumerISM to start with.nnI could easily transition to a diatribe about Big Tech(TM) right now, but I won’t because everyone has heard it before (and also because nothing needs be said at this point, because the U.S. government is handing them their asses in court for anti-trust violations).nnAnyway, onto coffee. And hopefully a more mellow afternoon 🙂

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