Or at least some sort of mental shift.nnI made TC espresso again. It is good, dark, bold. It is making me feel better, more alive. The two CBD supplements I took earlier, they did nothing. I wasn’t *expecting* them to, but it is always a surprise that this stuff gets bought/sold as some sort of “aid” to…anything, when it’s basically sugar pills :/nnI’ll take old school high potency marijuana any day ;)nnBut for now, it’s just coffee. But it is *good* coffee, and it is making me feel good in a different way.nnI watched some BS on YouTube that was a break from the continual comedy clips. They were videos on “designers at Google”, “data analysts at Google”, bullshit like that. I, myself, have no desire nor ability to work at Google, but I definitely noticed that a lot of the people in the videos were around age 35+, which is much different than the videos from Google 10+ years ago (they retain employees pretty well, I suppose). But there is probably less *excitement* or *intensity* in a workplace like that, one that is nearly devoid of young adult culture. I couldn’t spot a 20-something year old in any of the videos I watched.nnGoogle is not a good company, anyway. I haven’t used their search service in over five years, and just opt to use DuckDuckGo instead. It was overloaded with advertisements, poor results on the first page, and just all kinds of random crap the last time I used it ( DuckDuckGo just hands me what I need and gets the hell out of the way.nnJust a few quick words on that. I’ll finish my coffee and be back later.

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