Sat back with a bowl of Bengal Slices pipe tobacco a bit ago and basically lost track of time, lol. I think 45 minutes passed with me sitting in the easy chair, puffing away, ruminating, thinking, enjoying myself :)

Now, I am making the third cup of coffee for the morning, and this go 'round will be Taster's Choice (instant), even though I have Schnucks brand (instant), as well as Dollar Tree (air-flavored) instant on-hand, too. Taster's Choice is the most "frothy" and flavorful, I would say. Schnucks is the most dark, bold, and potent. Folgers Instant (which I no longer buy), is the most "expected/predictable", and is dark, but not terribly interesting. And every other type of instant I have had (namely the Dollar Tree stuff) is like drinking just plain hot water - no flavor to speak of whatsoever. I would gladly fork out double what I pay for Schnucks brand instant ($5.99 for a medium-sized container - don't know the exact measurement) for Taster's Choice, instead - but my Schnucks does not carry TC in their store. So, I am stranded on Schnucks Brand Island, lmao! I can pay double for the Folgers, but that is a lesser brand than Schnucks, so I'm keen on saving money and getting better coffee, instead.

Anyway, I am pretty sure the days of freshly ground beans, and pour-over decanters (like a Chemex) and Bodum French press devices are behind me. I don't even have the (overly priced) hand crank manual coffee bean grinder anymore, as I donated it to Pevely Pantry some time ago, because I barely used the thing (I bought it after I had gone down the instant coffee route). I see people online (all over the place, actually) going to great extents for the "perfect cup of coffee", and I am 110% with them on that - because who doesn't like flavor? And "investing" in a good bean measuring scale, a manual or electric grinder, just the right kettle, and perhaps some insulated mugs, all that stuff can be exciting and make you WANT to drink more coffee and make it into a small hobby, almost. In that respect it is not unlike me and tobacco pipes - a good briar pipe, some decent leaf, the wear, and tear, and care, and upkeep of having a small tobacco pipe collection - it can be fun (and immensely enjoyable). As where the "instant coffee" of tobacco (I would think) would be something similar to buying cheap cigarettes here and there and just firing them up, smoking them down and then stamping them out. Here, there, gone.

So, I think to myself: why not go to great lengths for coffee if I am willing to do so with tobacco?

The long and short of it is: I prefer the instant flavor. And it is cheap. And there is no cleanup nor setup involved. And it is instant gratification, in a sense (I just have to heat water, that's all). It also reminds me of camping/backpacking. As where I go further with tobacco because I like the hobby, and I also like the fact that I do not/cannot inhale pipe tobacco (I'd rather not weeze and cough like I do when I smoke cigarettes (which I hardly smoke cigs anymore these days, it seems)), and the fact that pipe tobacco burns slower, smoother, and is FULL of flavor (most of the time). And I can also get more for less (more flavor and more individual "smokes" for way less money than if I opted for cartons (plural) of cigarettes every month). So, a win/win. As with a "gourmet" roast of coffee, I am paying more, and doing more (more setup, preparation, measuring, etc.) and the "work-to-reward ratio" is offset by all the foreplay that is involved, when I just want some damn caffeine! LOL!

So, those are my two cents on coffee (and tobacco).

The third cup of java for the day was frothy and delightful. Nice morning, indeed :)

back soon