1:15 AM, I clean up the kitchen a bit, and start the dishwasher, and heat water for coffee. Today it will be (at some point) 65 degrees, so I am welcoming that.nnNow, coffee is brewed, and I am sipping away as the song “Jerry Was A Racecar Driver” (by Primus) plays on Tidal. Nice way to ring in a(n otherwise tame) Tuesday. I mean, the day just started, so I do not know if it is going to be boring or not, but I am kicking things off with coffee and blast beats either way.nnI think this is the first music listening session I have had in 24 hours. It was around 24 hours ago that I listened to all of Paramore’s *Brand New Eyes* album (which was amazing, as usual), and throughout the day Monday, I didn’t listen to anything on Tidal. The “mood” just didn’t strike me.nnAlso, I haven’t written anything on the Ghost blog ([]( in any of that time, either. I guess because I am still pretty smitten with the W.a editor? I don’t know. I just go with the flow.nnAnd with that flow, I cycle through some songs – a few by Guns N’ Roses, a few by Poison, and now Nirvana. Random shit, as always.nnAnyway, a fair bit of time has elapsed since I started this blog post (an hour, actually), and I made by way through a few of the aforementioned Nirvana songs, and then re-visited Motley Crue’s *Too Fast For Love* album, which I grew up on, and tried to learn all the drum parts by heart at one time as a teenager (I don’t know how successful I was at doing so, as it is an *incredibly* fast album). Fun stuff, indeed.nnI am done with the listening sesh for now, but I may jump in later.nnback soon

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