My stomach is settled, I feel good, and it is time for more coffee for the evening. I'm gonna take a step back from smoking so much tobacco for a bit, because I have been puffing away on the Cobb Shire pipe for close to an hour (it seems). I just want good coffee, and to sit back and chillax for the evening.

Triple scoop espresso it will be. To kind of give me a "kick" and take me into the night with energy.

Now, the coffee is ready. The night is still young, the central fan is on (again), and there is a calm ambiance in the room of....general calmness. It's either the mood of the night, or my mood IN this night, but I feel good, either way.

I can sort of "sense" that the cold months of Winter are fading into obscurity as the months ahead approach. Warmer air, sunnier days, longer days, and just a better environment, altogether.

Life is good, and gets better, and I am happy that it is getting better.

And oh yes, the coffee is oh so good right now :P

Hope everyone is having a nice evening. Back later