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Reminders of encouragement/inspiration:

I visit golden fiddle every so often, and will always keep him (S. Sloan) on my blogroll, because back in the ye olden days of gossip blogging, when I used to read Egotastic in 2005, I would always see GF as the first link in the daily links list. A half dozen others were there, too, and I clicked through and read all of them :) I eventually jumped into (gossip) blogging myself, but at the time I was consuming only.

So I visit GF just now, and I see this post of the cover of "The Kentucky Derby is Decadent and Depraved" by HST, which is a story I read many, MANY times in HST's book, "Generation of Swine". A great book (of many) by HST that I read well over a dozen times.

I loved what HST did, because it was more than fast and loose journalism, it was aggressively creative writing at it's best. Like being clobbered over the head with a trash bag of beautifully aromatic flowers - violence and poetry. He called the "journalist-as-protagonist" style Gonzo Journalism, but of course it transcended a lot of different writing pieces he did (even if they were never meant to be put in a traditional publication).

I always said HST had the biggest influence on my writing (and he did, and does), but nearly no one can match up to his "style" and wordsmanship. And he did most of it while fried out on LSD!

In terms of writing and consistency, I'd definitely credit the book "Misery", as well as the book "Cujo", both by Stephen King, as the reason(s) I continue to write consistently. Daily. I haven't bought a copy of SK's "On Writing", but I very much so plan to soon (perhaps in August?), but I know when I do buy a copy, it will quick become a sort of "bible" for different approaches and beliefs surrounding writing - in general.

I am not a huge SK fan, and I've read maybe four or five of his books, but as he is widely quoted in "On Writing", and as he has practiced throughout his life, the "thing" about writing is dedicating oneself to doing it (writing) several hours a day, and also reading as much as possible, from any number of book genres and different authors. I, personally, probably fall short on the "reading as much as possible" thing, but blogs I read continually through the day. Just not books. SK is often seen (filmed) in the stands at baseball games flipping through pages in between "action" on the field. Dedication.

And so it was reading "Misery" and "Cujo", back-to-back when I was eight years old when I was dissertaining (consciously/sub-consciously) what writing is and what should be done to be like that (a person who writes a lot - a writer). So I probably bit off more than I could chew, or, just set my sights/goals as high as they could go in regards to thinking/querying at a young age: "what IS writing all about? And what does it take to get there, and to become a writer?", and then delving head first into SK books to formulate some sort of indirect answer to that question.

Side note: I'll never be in the echelons of HST or SK in regards to writing prowess, talent, readership, or anything like that. But, it is always good to be inspired by the best :)

Ok, enough of that for now. Back soon.

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