The camp/cowboy coffee I make, it involves *boiling* the water before I put the grounds in, because if the water is not at a rolling boil, the grounds with “fester” at the top, and not sink, and then I get grounds in my mouth when I take a sip. But, by doing this (boiling the water), it “burns” the coffee, so it makes the beverage more tanic (which I still don’t know the proper spelling for?), and dehydrating, and gives me a mild sensation of “cotton mouth” after I finish a mug. nnSo, I must get instant coffee ASAP (tomorrow).nn**New machines**nnThe laundromat got new washers/dryers today. So hopefully it doesn’t take 35 mins per wash anymore (it *used* to be 25 mins, but then the Final Spin cycle got longer, and longer, and longer). nnSo, there’s some stuff from this neck of the woods. nnI oftentimes wonder what the hell happened with Pevely Point Apartments and the residents there? Did they get the trash cleaned up, after they were featured on Fox 2 News in the “You Paid For It” segment? Was there a mass exodus of residents there? Did the bicycle gangs ever take over the property and turn it into a meth center? LOL!nnI laugh, but it is seriously sad. The place was an oasis of rental property in 2011 (and before then, when it was built in 2008), but when Sansone Group took it over (from Gundaker), it turned to hell. And the old residents, such as “T”, and “R”, and (another) “T” – what came of them? nnHell, I’ll use their names; Trish, she was near 60 years old, and said she would stay there indefinitely, even though partiers had passed out on her patio before, and the pitbulls above her apartment unit would pee on the balcony above, with it leaking onto her patio below. Gross.nnTabby, she likely moved into the trailer not far from there (Petosi, is where she planned on going?) and then she would own her property + be with her longtime boyfriend (who she would stay in contact with through a CB radio system when he was within range (Pevely, Missouri IS a glorified truck stop, afterall). She was definitely a big “CB’er”, always communicating with nearby truckers about details of the general area. Kind of a cool hobby to have.nnRick, who knows what the hell came of him? He was being lead to believe that Veteran’s Affairs would give him some *huge* settlement with backpay for his health conditions that had been proven in court to be the result of his involvement with the nuclear meltdown in Russia back in the day. Chernobyl, that it what it was called. He had gotten very sick from it all, and the settlement/backpay was in the mid-six figures. I hope he got it while he could still enjoy it (he was losing his eyesight as one of the ailments he had).nnThere are others who had been there in the four-ish years I was there, but they bounced long before Pevely Point went under water.nnback later

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