Complete and total boredom at this apartment complex. It's like people are immune to outdoor activity. So, I observe this lack of activity while I sit window-side with hot coffee in front of me. That and a laptop, which is how this post is happening now.

I'm not sure what keep the blood flowing for some of these folks in South County? I mean, they walk to and from their car, drive places, walk up stairs to their apartment, and that's about all.

Sometimes a package gets delivered. And I assume they then retrieve said package, and get their new thing, and breathe a sigh of relief that they didn't have to go anywhere to get it.

Sometimes they walk their dog. Sometimes. The neighbor next door doesn't walk his dog. He just "keeps" it. It barks and howls and screeches in misery as the neighbors complain to staff, and then staff takes no action to change anything. Not sure why some people have pets?

I know I didn't like having a pet, and that is why I gave it up for adoption after a number of years. But it did get me outside a lot, and I met a lot of people, and that was fun. I have no intention of ever getting a pet again (in fact, I am completely against it), but I still get outside, talk to a few stragglers who do walk places, and even chat it up with random folks who work at Schnucks on occasion, because there is no social atmosphere at the apartments I live at.

So, anyway, I crack another soda and sit in front of the window, writing more, observing still, feeling the floor fan breeze fill the room. Astoundingly disappointed that South County is as lame as Jefferson County in regards to....everything. There's more "outlets" here, and more infrastructure, and that's it. Jeff County has back roads (sometimes made of dirt), and perhaps a gas station here and there. There's more to it than that, but mostly it's as uneventful and tame as this county is.

Some people try to remedy this (environmental boredom) by moving to "the big city", which I sorta did in 2014 when I moved to Midtown St Louis, which was definitely more stimulating, and it looked nicer (in the Shaw Historic District), but the quality of life was pretty low. Folks getting shot on the 70 Grand Metro Bus that would bring me to/from the Grand Metrolink Station (luckily I was not on the bus when those things happened - but it did happen, at least twice in that year). Not to mention the continual arguments that happened at every bus station and Metrolink station. There are a boatload of (bad) things I can say about living in St Louis, Missouri, but the point is, no matter where you live, you should (or I should, and DO) get outside more and try to find something to do here and there.

So, I guess that is what I was trying to get at. Be active. Do stuff. Enjoy life.

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