Nothing quite hits the spot like a good cup of black coffee when sitting in front of my keyboard at the writing desk. At home. Where I am *most* comfortable. Bread and butter. Tongue in cheek. Peas and carrots. A great pairing.nnI flipped the AC on because it is 61F outside (still – it was 61 this morning, too), and my apartment bakes in the sun on even a 51 degree day, so 61 is *that* much worse! It’s a reminder that I need blackout curtains come next Summer for I will fry myself.nnAnyway, I sat down and looked upon my broken, dim, crappy EarPod headphones, and I immediately thought of *how nice* the T2’s will be. Or how nice I HOPE they will be. They still haven’t shipped yet, but all in due time.nnIt’s also (kind of) stunning to me, that people pay $300+ (or whatever the cost is) for a pair of Apple AirPod Pro’s when the tech involved isn’t *that* much different than the wired EarPods (that suck). Not to mention Bluetooth, not to mention poor battery, not to mention people lose them, not to mention everything about them is bad. LOL! But, at one time, even *I* wanted to get a set of (original) Apple AirPods, because I thought I would “look cool”, and “oh my, how minimal!”, etc. But that was before I knew anything about audio quality, or reading reviews of the product I was thinking of purchasing, or anything like that. I *assumed* that if it was made by Apple, then it would be fine, but obviously that is NOT the case – especially in terms of audio stuffs. AirPods Max? I have no idea. In fact, don’t take my word on any of this stuff, because I haven’t experienced it – I just know that my EarPods were never all that great, and I am glad they are being replaced.nn**Xmas decor**nnI need to take down my Xmas decor here soon. I have a tree up, with lights, and ornaments, and stockings hanging (me + my old dog’s (River’s) stocking), a light up Santa Claus, a couple other miscellany items – all need to be packed up and stowed away. It will all go into a giant tote (except the tree, which has it’s own tattered/torn box), and then hauled over to the ‘rents house for basement storage. I will also put all of *their* decor into storage while I am over there (Thursday). I will also go through and see what needs “decluttering” in my apartment when I take down the Xmas stuff. Likely, just paperwork will be pitched. But there is a lot of that, too, so…yea. The DVD/CD player *should* be gotten rid of, too, because it plays music/movies WAY too loud whenever I DO use it, but, I use it sometimes, so I suppose I can keep it, for now (or until I get the thing replaced (if/when that ever happens)).nnNow that the coffee is done, time to take down decor. Back later. nn

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