It's 5:00 PM, and the sun is halfway set, and I think of "what to do?" as I make coffee and run the dishwasher. As I have nothing particularly interesting to do, but at the same time, I sort of like it that way.

So, some things I am going to be focusing on in February (and beyond):

  • CBD treatments (not in any formal/professional/therapeutic sense, just in a holistic "it's good for me" sense - because I tend to do healthy things simply for their health benefits)
  • reducing bills, reducing wasteful spending (of ALL kinds)
  • increase writing (if I could, I think I do a lot as it is, but I want to therawrite (write therapeutically), as I experiment with CBD)
  • hiking/geocaching more (weather-permitting)

And that is about it. No need to fill an agenda with XYZ items, even though I DO have some long term type of tasks I need to finish up (get a U.S Passport, charge the Linode account with credits, swap domains over to DNSimple, etc.)

I am more or less adopting (or re-adopting) a fairly easy-going life in terms of "accomplish X, get Y reward" - because instead, I would rather do things because I want to being doing them.

Online expenses

In terms of what I spend $$$ on online, I am doing everything I can to ease that burden, as well.

  • I will NOT do Plausible Analytics for this blog, I decided (in fact, I should just close my account right now, instead of waiting for the trial period to end), as I do not need analytics for here.
  • And I am also thinking of transitioning to a Free and Open Source RSS reader (instead of some dev's software or a small co's software - because I'd rather do an occassional donation to the service/cause than PAY for what can be FREE)
  • I might close my account sometime soon (I have done so recently, and then re-opened it), but it tends to be fairly useful every so often - so I will in all likelihood keep it.
  • ProtonMail - unavoidable, has to be paid
  • Standard Notes - I will not need a Pro/Premium version of that service, as the free tier suits me just fine
  • Then, three simple domain name renewals per year, and that is all I will keep

...and I think that is all I have going out the door these days, really. and Feedbin have had their accounts closed (well, W.a has me signed up until 2025, but nothing will be renewed there), so now I have PA and 1feed accounts to close up (the latter will happen after I find an open source RSS replacement - for both the Web and Android).

Back soon