After making dinner, I had a kitchen counter full of dirty dishes left over, so I started another load of dishes, and then wiped down the kitchen counters, and then wiped down the ashtray stand next to the easy chair in the living room, straightened up the desk, plugged the phone into the wall outlet, because I got a 15% battery warning, and now I sit with coffee made, and writing :)

Fairly nice night here. Music will be turned on soon (when the phone is charged more, because I use the phone with the HELM Bolt, as using the MBA with the HELM is too convoluted, and the volume controls are fxxxed, and there is always skipping, etc.).

Watched a couple Dark.Audio videos earlier today, which is still one of my favorite YT channels, even though I cannot/will not buy 99% of the gear he mentions, because $$$, and also because a lot of the stuff doesn't pertain to a "head-fi" audio guy such as myself. Some of it does, and I watch those videos, too - but, I usually just watch whatever the hell happens to be on his channel on any given day/week.

But, he mentioned a Tidal playlist in one particular video which sounds nice, so I am going to look that up (on the phone), and then open said playlist on the Tidal app, itself, and give it a listen. I always like finding new music.

Almost 8:00 PM now, and the coffee is nice, and I am sure it will be a fairly late night for me.

back soon