I slept a tad bit earlier. Feel fairly rested. Not because I *am* rested, I just feel that way. nnBut, it is time for coffee. To KEEP myself awake for a bit while longer. So, water is heating for it now.nnThe dishwasher is running, the heater is on, the Xmas lights are lit, it’s a good night.nnI rearranged the bedroom, so when I do my post-holiday decluttering, I can keep the living room as clean and minimal as possible, and will turn the bedroom into a mini entertainment lounge, as well as a room to sleep in. The TV (turned monitor) will be in there, on the desk, as well as the speaker system, and DVD player, and I will even connect the Nintendo Wii for a while and give *Zelda – Twilight Princess* a go. Again. I played the game many times before, but never got to 100% completion. I know the game gets significantly harder when I get to Fire Mountain, or whatever it is called, and I would have to use a player’s guide to get past the same spot I always get stuck at. But, I can do it :)nnGames are not terribly interesting to me, though. GTA 5 would be far too addictive, I think. As well as Zelda – Breath of the Wild. I’ll stick to the old familiar ones, thank you very much 😉 At least with those I *know* I can control myself with how much I play them.nnComputer games? No. No thank you. Other than the one-off, fun mini game, I have no interest in playing large involved games (such as The Sims (which I used to spend actual days of my life playing non-stop, it seems)). No worries there, because the MBA can’t handle most computer games, anyway, so…not a problem.nnAnyway, the bedroom will be the place where I house all this gear, because that is the only room in the entire apartment that makes use of the *whole* wall, instead of a wall being broken up by a window, or a door, or a *this* or a *that* or some other (weird) architectural choice when they built this building. A “wall of fun”! Haha.nnAlso, the moms gift arrived today. The pair of fire extinguishers. They are sitting under the tree (in the original Home Depot box). And the tobacco order will arrive Monday, as well as the gifts for my two sisters. After that, not much else coming through the mail, besides my Missouri Real ID, which will likely be here Monday, as well.nnThe coffee is tasty.nn

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