Had three cups today already. Good deal!

Also, the FedEx package (one of them) will arrive in a little bit here (the white tee's), so that is good. The Wyze floorlamp will arrive (FINALLY!) tomorrow (allegedly!). But I have stuff I have to do tomorrow, so I will have to fetch it when I get back here.

I think the name of the game tomorrow is to A) grocery shop, B) get laundry done, and C) do a bunch of random odd jobs and cleanup type of stuff at the 'rents. Oh, and mail off tax paperwork. That, too.

It's a melty mess outside today, as there is snow all over and the STLWX temps have reached 55 degrees (and still climbing). I like that it is warmer, but not ideal conditions for a hike, because the ground is soaking wet. I might get a walk in to the store later, but I am not sure.

back soon