Been drinking non-dairy iced coffee all day. That and soda. Neither of which are the soul-nourishing beverage that is hot, black coffee. Even instant coffee is better than NO coffee. In fact, I prefer, and deliberately choose to have instant coffee on a daily basis at my home, because both fresh, and pre-ground beans are too much of a hassle to prepare, brew, pour, clean up, etc. Hell, I don’t even have a French press or Chemex or Mr Coffee or Keurig or any of that stuff, because I just like the scoop & stir method of instantaneous caffeine! LOL! So much easier for a “single-serving life” (Fight Club).nnI DO have an expensive manual coffee bean grinder that I bought from Blueprint Coffee in St Louis (not to be confused with the chain Blue Label Coffee), and I have had a Chemex before, and did the whole “prepare water just before boiling, so as not to “burn” the grounds” / “soak the filter thoroughly to rid the “filter flavor” from the brew” / “grind the beans at *just* the right thickness, as to not make the brew too weak or too strong”, etc., and all of that was too much work for too little reward. Just need bold caffeine, not a indie coffee shop, hipster delicacy that makes me feel like I am on a patio in Columbia consuming the land’s best cash crop.nnSo, definitely not *against* a decent (or even a “gourmet”) brew of decent java (I have sensitive taste buds just like any other human being), I just don’t want hassle several times a day when I want a “fix”. Haha!nnBack later

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