I brewed up some instant coffee just now, sitting in my sister’s living room, drinking the coffee ;)nnIt’s *warm* outside. 60F. I’m sporting Chinos and a t-shirt and I am totally comfortable, haha. Bizarre weather this Winter, for sure.nnAhh, this coffee is delish. Picking me up and getting me going after the oh-so-restful night’s sleep. I haven’t had more than four hours of continual sleep in *weeks*! And now, I got 8 (or more) hours. Perfect.nnSo, as I mentioned, I head out of here at 10:30, and I *think* I have more or less cleaned up after myself here, didn’t leave any trash lying around or anything like that. Always good to be mindful of other people’s homes (obviously).nnNow (in the time it took me to (lazily) write out this blog post), I am almost done with the coffee and am ready for a pipe on the deck.nnBack soon

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