I love Schnucks brand instant coffee. Easy. Effortless. And bold as can be. I always buy instant coffee that gets three out of five “boldness checks” on the container, as if to say it is “medium bold”. Like: XXX__. But, in my experience it has always been as about as bold as coffee has ever tasted. I have made Boyd’s Coffee Red Wagon Roast in a Bodum French press, as well as Starbucks Espresso Roast from the same French press numerous times before, and those both have “high checks” on *their* boldness scale, and they’re both about as equally potent as Schnucks brand instant. Same for Folgers instant, or Taster’s Choice instant – nothing “blonde” about them, dark as can be from just two small scoops in a mug. And this is basically how I always drink my coffee.nnBut, as I sip and drink, the sun shines down, as the afternoon rolls into evening. Outside, the squirrels and birds are everywhere all the time, as usual. I have the sliding glass door open, the window open, the central fan running, and the floor fan – a continual breeze moves through the apartment. I feel more or less tranquil today – nothing to abrupt or jarring to shift my mood or attention one way or the other. Kind of like how [Mike]( would lead his life of vagabonding and deliberate plan-less-ness way in his day to day activities, I, too, find myself “drifting” through time and space – thinking in a way that is both opportunistic (for any chance to go out and “do” something), but also being content with sort of letting the day(s) go by as I mostly stay at home and write. Nothing wrong with that.nnBut to kill (pass) the time lately, I have been on a wholesale comedy kick (which I hope doesn’t end anytime soon). Watching clips of *Family Guy*, *South Park*, random YouTube comedians, etc. Ever since seeing that video “the guy who came up with the word “umpteenth”” some days back, I may have blown a hysteria nerve in my brain, and everything that has a punchline sends me through the roof laughing. That video – gold.nnPerhaps tomorrow a hike. As no other special plans are ahead of me. I am down to 203 pounds, by the way. I have been continuing the resistance bands exercises and eating mostly fruit, so it is no wonder the extra few pounds came off in the past month. It’s a very good thing, and I feel better, and have a bit further to go still. The doctors want my weight to be at around 190 pounds (as do I), as that is what would be considered a “healthy” weight for a male my age at 6 feet tall. Reasonable. Achievable. Probable. All is good.nnback soon

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