I think I had coffee just past midnight last night, this morning, and I haven't had any coffee since then. Had a soda earlier, so there has been some caffeine, but this is the first dedicated cuppa Joe I have had in nearly 24 hours. Perhaps that is why there has been less writing?

And I am certainly sipping it slowly, because I am slightly indigested from having thrown up the Nexium earlier this afternoon. It didn't have a chance to kick in, make a difference, so I took another one a couple of minutes ago to hopefully settle my stomach.

Pelvic discomfort: pains/soreness/sensitivity is going away, less leg twitching, in fact no leg twitching throughout the day (thank fuck!). No spasms, or sharp hits of soreness - overall, doing better. But not ALL better. Still have eight days to continue on the antibiotics.

Slowly sipping this coffee, as the Nexium does its job.

In fact, the coffee can grow cold, I am letting my stomach heal and re-orient itself. Haha.

Getting through the night. Doing OK :)

back soon