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unaddressed grievances

Some people, will live for other people. It's gross. Their complaints and problems become your complaints/problems, simply because you (or I, as I am speaking for me here) decided to "involve" yourself in that situation. By simply allowing yourself to become exposed to such a problem, you are then a part of the problem, or at least you are influenced and "stunted" by it.

So, I sort of feel that empathy and sympathy should generally have a finite amount of effort put into it.

And this is the biggest reason I avoid the news and social media - I don't WANT to have to issues, concerns, or problems all the individuals of the world are experiencing. When someone gets their rocks off on raging about anything/everything on Twitter, or someone has some Op-Ed of high-minded shit in a newspaper - the questions become: "Can they keep this to themselves? Is this what I need to see/care about? Is this healthy for my mental health status?"

Anyway, that's how I approach things.

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