Coffee envy as the morning ticks on

I just finished half a Red Bull. The smallest varietal (8 ounce), because I wanted something sweet. Before that, I had 1/3 a can of Mt Dew Kickstart Orange...something or other. Too potent, didn't like it.

But my system is permeated with caffeine and then I read a post from M. Perry about "Life is a second cup of coffee", and now I want coffee and the benefits of IT, instead of the chemically-curated caffeine from sugar water beverages.

It's like I'm some reckless slob who is standing with a donut in each hand, and a face covered in sprinkles, and then someone brings in cake, and stomps his foot in displeasure because he can't realistically have all three. LMAO!

I'll have coffee later. It will be fine.

Hello, Monday

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