Earlier, from the vending machine (yes, I took a chance on the vending machine, again), I bought a thing of Mrs. Freshley’s donut sticks, and I had them with this cup of coffee and it was downright delightful. Basically like a cross between a powdered donut and a lightly glazed donut – not bad for a vending machine find.nnNow, *just* the coffee. And that is good, too.nnI won’t speak before I bite, and I will not bite off more than I can chew, either, but I am considering purchasing (with the newly free up money in my budget) a Schiit (pronounced SHIT) headphone amplifier for head-fi listening. I like DAC’s (Digital to Analog Converters), and I would *love* to actually hear a GOOD one (a dedicated, external DAC), as I have not even heard a legit DAC before, but in order to **use** a DAC, I have to have an amplification source first. Of course there are DAC/amp combos (like the FiiO Q3, and the iFi Hip DAC) but I want a legit thing that sits atop a platform, that I can plug in and more or less get the “most bang for my buck” – as the more portable units are not as impressive (the Q3 and Hip DAC are not as “mesmerizing” as a pair of Schiit amp/DAC stackable units, for instance – from what I hear (online)).nnAnd yea, regardless of what gets purchased, I am *definitely* a head-fi type of guy (a guy who prefers headphone listening) for several reason I have gone into before: great *sound* for less money, more entry-level friendly, doesn’t piss off the neighbors, I don’t miss out on any detail(s) within the track, an entire (**really good**) head-fi setup can cost the same as a single piece of music gear in a speaker setup, etc.nnFinishing up the coffee now. Hope everyone is having a good Halloween! 🙂

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