4:30 AM now and I just finished luke warm coffee. Is nice to have caffeine back in the system, even though I had some yesterday evening, but it was even more luke warm, and much less of it. But, coffee is delicious :P

I can hear neighbors scraping ice and snow off their car windshields this morning, and there are several of them out there. I wouldn't want to have to drive in this shit, but then again I wouldn't want to drive ever, period, so... They did plow the parking lot today though, so that is a plus. I am assuming the roads leading to/from the apartment complex got the same treatment.

[ 2 minutes later ]

I cleaned off the island/desk in the kitchen, because it was covered in dental supplies, pamphlets, COVID tests, and other various things, and now I sit and write more junk, lol.

Anyhow, the sun will be rising soon. Or it will get light out, I should say - will likely remain overcast this AM. And I am still getting the Winter Storm Warning notification on the weather app, so more bad weather may still be on the way, but who knows.

Enough babbling, back later