I am actually not just sitting here pounding back cup after cup of coffee, it is just that the last three blog posts have concerned coffee, haha.

I never did get the configuration right for Tidal, and I am assuming it has to do with LTE limitations, even though I have unlimited 4G. It's probably more intended to be used with a WiFi connection (the "High", and "HiFi" tiers). So, I will address all of that when I get AT&T WiFi re-activated in my apartment.

On that note, I think (I know) everything will improve (technology-wise) when I get WiFi back in my apartment. All the things mentioned in previous blog posts (Chromecast compatability, connectivity issues with the tethering application, etc.) + the ability to get Tidal HiFi enabled, and also a lot less buffering when I am watching longer videos on YouTube.

And also, there is the security issue(s) that will be resolved. As of now, in order to connect to any internet through tethering with PDAnet+ from my phone, I have to manually configure the Proxy settings on the Mac. And when I do this, certain applications, and sometimes the installation of them, will not pass muster in terms of security. So, Standard Notes will not sync with Standard Notes mobile 100% of the time, I always have to activate the PDAnet+ application on macOS to SSH into my VPS, and anything pertaining to Github activity requires a very good, very stable connection through both PDAnet+ on both my phone and macOS. But the majority of the time, I can just turn on PDAnet+ on my phone, and do 95% of my internet activities on the MacBook without the need to manually activate the (unstable) PDAnet+ application on macOS. And when I get WiFi, all the Proxy-oriented issues will go away, because it will just be standard/normal WiFi.

So, I will definitely be looking forward to that.

Anyway, seemingly small, but truly significant improvements with everything, I'd say.

The coffee was good. Drank that cup pretty quick. And now I think I will migrate to the "writing nook".

back soon