coffee as the eve sets in, and I awake from a post-zine-making rest

I had to take an actual nap from how wiped out I was from compiling Issue 10 of TZATC. My eyes felt strained, I had a mild headache, and my "energy levels" were at a 2 when I finished, but were like a 9 when I started. Nevertheless, a fun/creative activity, and I am glad that I DO that activity. Beats doomscrolling all day.

And, I am proud of Issue 10 - the Index turned out nice, everything is formatted well, and I checked for typos and don't think I missed any, the font choice + font size was a good call (and I was happy to discover the "+Add A Font" option within Google Docs, so I didn't have to "settle" for what they offered by default). The only thing I took issue with was the Markdown options within Google Docs - they don't offer any actual code "brackets" (or whatever) like this. Nor code blocks. They had italics, bold, strikethrough, etc. but the brackets/blocks prompt did nothing. So, that made the entries (which I copy/pasted from my own blog posts, most of which were littered with code brackets/blocks) to not render as they did in the original entries. Pain in the ass.

Everything else was without a hitch, though. Happy.

The coffee I am having right now is nice, too. And that makes me happy. And energized, because I just woke up, LOL!

Onto more of the evening.

No clue on when Issue 11 will be compiled/released. Maybe soon? Maybe a month or more? IDK. I do an issue when I'm inspired to do so, which actually doesn't take much.

Onwards and upwards!

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