Sun has set, it is 6:30 and cold rain is on the way, followed by 24 hours of round-the-clock snow starting at 6:00 AM tomorrow. Frozen streets that cannot be treated with salt (because the aforementioned rain would simply wash the salt treatment away) will be everywhere tomorrow. Sidewalks, too. Also, I didn't get laundry done tonight, so I suppose it will have to wait until the snow stops or/and the sidewalk from here to the laundromat gets cleared off.

So, as I mentioned, coffee has been made. Bold stuff, but not espresso. And also, I think the mild bruising (which weren't really bruises, it just felt like bruises) on my upper-rump/lower-back have subsided from my mercilessly giving myself "wallops" (or, hitting my lower-back with a closed fist) not from an act of "self-harm" or anything like that, I don't do that, but in a fledgling attempt to make the "fluid buildup" or whatever the hell is wrong in that area subside. And the "wallops" worked for roughly a day, but now the pain has returned with a "bruised" feeling, to boot. Or the pain did return, and moving too much or in the wrong way still causes some pain, but I'm slowly recovering.

Sidenote: the tobacco order has shipped (simple VA/Per leaf + pipe cleaners + a specialty blend called Bengal Slices). And also, the Wyze floorlamp has shipped (arriving via FedEx).

So all this talk about being "low-tech" and "solar homes" and minimalism, what do I hope to achieve from writing about all of this stuff? I mean, by simply writing it, and getting the thoughts OUT, the ideas jotted DOWN, I get a grasp on what it all is, and what I would want to utilize in my own daily life. But, is a super-sustainable website a thing I really want to do/build (especially if I am reliant on a VPS - because I don't have a permanent home WiFi connection, it would have to be a VPS service)? Or do I want to honestly practice anything resembling "floor minimalism" right now in my life? On that one, I'd say "no, definitely not" - because it is simply too sacraficial. Or even a "solar home", or, a solar-centric apartment - is that a thing I wish to do? I mean, that is something that sounds fairly appealing to me, in moderation (I cannot/will not unplug the damn fridge and do some off-the-grid type of bit).

And in the end, it is all fairly superfluous, anyway. Sort of an "eco game" some people believe in, that give their lives a bit of meaning (which in and of itself is never a bad thing). And ecological reason are not why I practice minimalism, or eat vegetarian, or turn the lights off when I leave the room - it is because 1) it's what I know, 2) it's a healthy thing to do, and 3) it's just common sense.

Anyway, back later