I made my way to Dierbergs with the intent of buying a pack of cigarettes and a lighter, but on my way there, the neighbor "S" was out on his stoop and offered to loan me two packs and give me a lighter, so I took him up the offer, and will pay him back Friday. Lifesaver man, really.

Now I am back home, having coffee, and started dishes, and writing some "catch up" things on the bloggo (as I barely blogged today). I didn't "do" a whole hell of a lot today, other than write about four blog posts only to delete the drafts before they got published. They were "filler", silly, superfluous crap, and I didn't see the need for even putting them on the Internet.

It was one of the Spring days where every single lawncare and landscaping person in S St Louis County descended upon my apartment complex, and cleaned the place up, looked everything look great, and now I can walk down the streets/sidewalks again and not steps on the spikey "gumballs" of things that fall from the trees. Sometimes I cannot even see the grass there are so many of them!

I have a strange sensation of heartburn for whatever reason, but I don't know what to attribute it to.

So, I sit and finish the coffee, and open the sliding glass door to let in some cooler air, because it was hot and stuffy in here from the dishwasher and furnace running. The floor fan runs in the other room, but I am not in there, so...

Decent night

back soon