I woke up hacking on something that went down the wrong pipe in my throat. Violent, viscous, uncontrollable coughing. I got a drink of water and it was fine, and now that I am all settled, I am having coffee and writing about it (???)nnAgain, not booster-related, I am sure. In fact, my shoulder is barely even sore anymore, so, any/all side effects passed me over this time.nnToday will be another overcast day and I am not looking forward to that whatsoever. Sun would be nice.nnBut, it will be a busy day, so that is good. I will be at the ‘rents taking down Xmas decor, removing things from the entertainment center and…doing *something* with them, as well as bringing back *my* Xmas decor, which stays stowed away in their basement. In fact, the tree is *theirs*, I just borrowed it this year. I head over there at 10:30, but at 9:00 I will go and buy a pack of Luckies, I suppose. Oh, and laundry will get done, too.nnAnother day in lifennback later

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