... and some modifications to the punker hat. I basically just touched up the "artwork" I have on it with an ink pen + fabric marker. Nothing special.

The coffee is cooling down, the day will be sunny (and slightly warm - or warmER), and other than writing, no plans are in store (which I think I said already, lol). And I feel fairly well-rested, too, even though I only got four hours of sleep. It was deep sleep, though.

Nothing particular on my mind this AM - just sort of sitting back with hot java and thinking about...anything and everything, as is usually the case when I've had too much caffeine :)

Feeling less grim than I usually do at this hour. But then again, that is because I had sleep. If I had been awake all night, I would be writing about the ongoing devastation of planetary warming, and other matters concerning that. And all of that (ecological change) is a major threat, and I sincerely doubt most people will take it seriously until it is at their front doorstep (for some, it already is), but, I cannot change anything, so I usually just let sleeping dogs lie.

I think the vast majority of people don't concern themselves with this type of stuff. I mean, they DO, but mostly just to take the time and mental energy to refute it (climate change). But like the Rush songs goes: "if you choose not to decide, you still have made a choice". So it is quite literally impossible to simply be ignorant of, or indifferent about, climate change. And also, it is really quite fascinating and interesting how it is all playing out, and will continue to play out - at a quickening pace. So, I sort of "embrace" the dialogue (that of "Earth is changing, what can we do about it?"), and see what I can (maybe) contribute to the ongoing conversation (in some small way). Usually this (contributing to the discussion of climate change) occurs in the physical world, as no one cares what I say online (other than maybe five or six people (that I know of) who tend to keep up).

Also, there is a sort of "enthralling" element to the (grim) possibilities (or even likelihoods) of what climate change will bring about. Not that I am a terrible, misanthropic person who wants destruction and chaos, but, if there were sudden (and totally irreversible) rise in sea levels, or a Heat Index that was on the verge of intolerable in some areas of the world, or any form of mass migration were forced upon people in certain regions - it would at the very least be eventful. Eventful in a negative and disruptive sort of way, but, it is what it is. Or it might be what it could be (hopefully none of that shit happens and everything works out hunky dory (doubtful)).

So, I negated on what I said about NOT being grim this AM. LMAO! It turned into a fairly downtrodden entry, I think. But i don't feel downtrodden in any way/shape/form when I correspond about this stuff. It's just "a thing we have to deal with" (as adults in 2022, and probably for the rest of our lives). Ignorance gets nobody anywhere, or at least I don't want to be an ignorant individual.

But that's just me

back soon