This could potentially take a lot of hassle out of installing (popular) apps on my Linode VPS, should I decide to install/self-host something in particular. Glad I found it (h/t [Initial Charge]( Seems easy enough to set stuff up, might give it a whirl soon.nnSo far, I have managed to **successfully** install Jekyll, and **unsuccessfully** fail at installing Jekyll. Then, Ghost – win/lose. WriteFreely – lose/lose (I had trouble with db stuff which I wasn’t very familiar with when I was trying to install it (late-2020, or so)). And now….I don’t know! LOL! There are many apps to choose from, a lot of help in the Support forums that I have seen (on Linode), so, I can definitely give something a whirl later, should I choose.nnMakes me wonder…nn#dev

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