So, I had a bunch of stuff spread out all over the WWW. I have *this* blog, and a small (Private/Unlisted) blog on W.a called *Currently*, and another part-time photography blog called *tmo snapping*, and another (regularly updated) blog away from this blog called (sub)TMO, and I have a self-hosted blog on my VPS with Ghost software called **.nnI had to do something about all this being spread out everywhere. So I…nn- downloaded all photos from *tmo snapping*, and put them into their own gallery on my []( I then deleted the *tmo snapping* blog (RIP)n- In this process I also uploaded all the photos from The Montana Excursion into the “Nature Shit” gallery on, as welln- went ahead and deleted *Currently* (a lot of old blog posts that were fairly negative in nature – no need)n- I also went over to my Ghost blog,, and all of the “good”/”keeper” drafts I had on there I uploaded to, and added a little icon (because that is The Notion Way), and I will soon download *from* Notion each of those posts as a PDF, and put them in their proper folder here on the MacBook, as well as back them up on the external SSDn- the only other post that I saved from ** besides the Drafts (six drafts, by the way) was the “Writing And A (hypothetical) Writing Setup” post that I published the other night, which is a 1,200 word monster, and it has a bunch of useful information in it (for me). It also was where I decided to name the hardware project I am taking on as **init commit** because I am a laughable nerd, so feel free to throw random objects at me ;)nnSoon, I will delete the ** VPS, but before I do that, I want to check/double-check that there isn’t anything else I have to save off of there. And also want to find a cool piece of software that I can self-host in replacement of the Ghost software, because I want to self-host SOMETHING (for fun) and it will likely be some sort of notes app, or something. No word on what software it will be, but ** will remain on the VPS until I find something.nnAll in all, I am keeping this blog, TMO (of course), as well as (sub)TMO, because it is a blog-away-from-blog and I can update it all the time and not worry about flooding the R.w.a feed (because I sometimes feel like writing a lot). And that’s about it.nnback later

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