No clouds in the sky, and the hot coffee is poured, and the morning mind drifts towards the budget. I am finalizing the budget for April this morning, and things seem to look a little hazy in terms of if I am going to activate AT&T WiFi this month (or next month, April). I have a few other odds and ends type of expenses coming up, and I want to get those nipped in the bud straight away, and then possibly do the WiFi thing in May.

Things coming up:

  • renewal of the "" domain (for this blog) on GoDaddy
  • transfer all of my domains from GoDaddy (terrible) to (good)
  • put plenty of $$ on my laundry card, so I don't have to fuss with that expense for a while
  • stock up on cigarettes (because tobacco pipes are fxxxing nasty, haha)
  • stock up on Bic lighters, as well

...and the rest of the stuff in the budget is pretty much status quo. But, with all of these expenses adding up, it whittles down the budget fairly quickly. So, I am just looking at all that, and writing down what needs to be taken care of in Standard Notes.

But also, coffee. Which is delightful. And the sunrise, and the birds chirping, and the central fan running, letting in the fresh air. Nice.

This is all I got for now. Back soon.