cleanups with Clorox, Crest, and Cascade, and eventually some code

I needed to jumpstart my day. I had two iced coffees (and now a hot coffee), so I went into the bathroom, brushed my teeth with a new type of Crest toothpaste, and then I fetched the Clorox wipes and wiped down the bathroom vanity, put the Bic disposable razors in the mini Mason jar on said vanity, organized things. Then I continued Clorox'ing with the kitchen counter and stove. Tossed bits of trash, organized the desk, started aforementioned coffee, and then started the dishwasher with Cascade (generic - fuck the name brand costs).

I think my notes are organized and ready to go, in the most tedious fashion ;)

I have an 8 bit news newsletter to work through. I will start on that.

Been thinking a lot about retro computing, as well as watched Perifractic/Retro Recipes (same channel) on YT, wanting to start up with The "init commit" Project (TicP), so I will look into more of that soon.

I may just do some hardware programming (or "progging", as us folks from teenage 90's days would say) such as what Paolo Amoroso is doing. I like stuff like that. I am deeply interested in learning Assembly Language, and "progging" for x86 (64 bit) chips, and I think I can get off the ground with that by going through this learning documentation on Github called Some Assembly Required. Fucking amazing read there! Great stuff!

That's all for now

back later

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