I cleaned up the kitchen a bit. I just deep cleaned it the other night, and it is holding up well (it takes weeks/months to get thoroughly dirty again, haha), but the counters need to be wiped down, and I am out of Cascade (dishwasher soap). The dishwasher is running right now, on the last pod, so I will go to Schnucks (again) and buy some soap. It’s generic Cascade that I buy, too. Like $8.99 for 100 pods, instead of $12.99 for 25 pods. Cascade will fill the apartment with a “fresh scent” aroma, but that is almost what you are paying for, because the dishes get equally clean with the generic stuff. I call it “generic”, like it is some “non-Cascade” replacement – as if it were a pharmaceutical and my Pantoprazole is *generic* Nexium (which it is – Nexium is nothing more than a name-branded Pantoprazole), but whatever I buy for dishes, it’s not as crucial, or relevant to be even associated with a term like “generic”.nnI also need to do the floors. They’re funky as could be. Littered with remnants of coarse cut tobacco flakes, quasi-spilled ashtrays near the trashcan (or, ash dust, so to speak), and there is a spot near the pantry door that has a “stickiness” to it when I step there. Slightly spilled maple syrup? A tiny drop of jelly? Whatever it is, it’s dried and nearly takes my sandal off every time I step there. So it has to be Swiffered.nnI’ll go ahead and do the bathroom floors, too. Everything in the bathroom was deep cleaned the other day (looking good!), but the floors are still “gunk”. No clue how it gets that way. I will also launder the shower rug (the cloth rug outside the bathtub), because that has become a collector of gunk and stains, as well.nnAnd, laundry in general. I will do it tomorrow morning. Monday, at 6:00 AM. Like *most* Mondays – laundry time.nnThat’s all for now. back soon

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