I started the dishes, Clorox Wiped down the kitchen, put the (rarely used) Polk Audio speakers in the walk-in closet, consolidated all small (and some big) electronics into “rightful” places *within* said closet (most of it are just cables/wires), and just organized the apartment in general.nnWhen the TV console arrives, the Nintendo Wii (and all affiliated components) will go on the console, and that will be that (for now). A dedicated amplifier will be bought at some point in the future, but I have no clue when. It’s the one I mentioned before, the Cambridge Audio AXR-25 (25 watts per channel) integrated amp. I am not 100% sure what I would need it for other than to connect everything + to drive the speakers (should I want to use them again). It would also have the forward-facing headphone out, as well as the ability to connect a DAC and other components in the future, should I decide to do so.nnDefinitely want to reign in any spending and whatnot for 2022, though. Sick of going crazy with *this* thing or *that* and more or less spending money with a form of recklessness – I want to *plan* and *save* the stuff (money) every so often, because obviously I do, why not?nnWe’ll see what goes where. Gotta keep items within reason, because I do not want clutter or things that don’t serve a legit purpose.nn

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