cleanup, clear out, and consumable consolidation

I straightened up the pantry. Threw out a few things that were either expired, or I knew I had zero use for, nor were they any good to donate. I also organized all the canned goods in the pantry, which sort of pile up over time - donating a fair amount of them, but keeping the ones I get regular use out of.

I also went through the fridge, and rid myself of a couple of condiments from there, as well. Just balsamic salad dressing, and a small (nearly empty) thing of mustard.

Fascinating blog post this evening, lemme tell ya ;)

I am now onto coffee, and am sort of finishing off the Folgers Noir Golden Midnight blend (could that name be any longer?).

I also went into the cabinetry in the bathroom and rid myself of a few items from there, too. Namely the sample packets of Vraylar, the worst psych med I have ever taken (lol!). I made the switch to Zapiprizitradole (or whatever the fuck it is called), and will start that tonight. It's 1:00 AM, and I'm plenty awake.

back later

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