I let more junk pile up in Standard Notes as of late. So, I got rid of said junk, and organized what was left. I also created a new file called "Ghost stuffs", and it has the commands for logging in as a Ghost user (for Ghost CLI) and also where the Ghost file is actually located at (+ how to get to it). Before, I had to look up and then re-look up that stuff every time I wanted to know how to do an update or do anything with the Ghost software, itself. More or less just me not taking down proper notes as I went along, which is what I should be doing more often, so I do not have to always go back and reference documentation.

Of course all of this goes into the #dev category on SN, and I currently have things divvied up as this:

  • dev
  • general
  • info
  • music
  • read/write

The dev stuff is obvious (they may all be obvious, actually) - I have any type of resources or links to documentation is right there for my easy reference. More specific things (incl individual files) are saved in a folder marked "dev stuff" on the desktop, as well as backed up on the 1TB SSD.

General has general lists of things I need or things I need to do, in life. I also have a sort of "expiry/renewal calendar" on there as well, which shows me the dates that online services and apps I use are up for their yearly renewal. Just so I can budget for them accordingly.

Info, important details regarding contacts of people I know in life, and also doctor's offices, etc.

Music, the details surrounding my (lo-fi, hobbyist) "solo black metal" project, which is more just lo-fi noise-making for the most part. It also has lyrics written down, and the reason(s) I am pursuing the project.

Read/write, things I have read that I want to own (again), and things that I may want to write in the future (short stories and whatnot).

And that's all. I never let the file count go above 20, as things get messy and crowded beyond that point. And I basically never introduce a new category (or "tag"), because these are all that I need for now.

back soon