"Priorities. Set them." - Raam Dev

So, I went ahead and cleaned up the kitchen (as everything was strewn about from grocery shopping earlier), and I also straightened up the bathroom (which also needed it), and changed clothes into something that wasn't so suffocating, because the heater is on full-blast and I have the dishwasher running behind me (adding heat/humidity to the air), so, shorts and a t-shirt it is!

Also, now that ish is straightened up and my mind is more clear, I went ahead and "made plans" in terms of reigning in the budget/getting more organized. I altered some stuff in the Standard Notes budget, so now I will not be quite as broke in the immediate future, and starting in March, I should start to see some significant changes in what gets spent where (as February is mostly about paying folks back, stocking up on this and that, etc.).

So, I am happy with where this (the budget) is at.

Just gotta set priorities, is all :)

back soon