Cleaned up the kitchen, threw away random paperwork (receipts) I collected throughout the day, arranged meds in the bathroom (which I should consider getting a shelf for, so they are not just sitting on the “vanity” or whatever it is called), and now I am making coffee.nnI saw the TV I am getting today. I believe it is a 42 inch. Magnavox. 1080p. A nice set. I will be receiving it sometime after Xmas, when the moms sets up her *new* TV (a 65 inch, UHD Samsung number). For now, I decided to leave the living room the same, and I will do all the re-arrangements when the TV gets here. I am also pretty sure the Inbox Zero (brand name) desk is the “big” gift for me this year – not that *any* gift is necessary, but everyone likes to get a “big” gift every year, even if that gift is bought for myself, which some years that *is* the case. Anyway, the desk is very nice, and it will go against the window in the bedroom, so I can write and think and look out the window all at the same time. I can’t wait to have a little writing/web dev nook in there :)nnI think I will put up the Xmas decor a bit later on, as I am still tired from all the stuff I did today. Not so much the running around but up and down stairs with decor, and totes, and fake trees, and filling the birdfeeder, and separating $200 worth of groceries that we are donating to Pevely Pantry before Xmas, etc. I, too, have a shelf full of stuff to donate to Pevely Pantry, but it will be bagged up and brought there when we bring the other stuff (Dec. 9). nnAppointmentsnnI have a therapy appointment Dec.3, then an O’Family get together Dec.4, then an Elks Lodge memorial service event to attend Dec.5 (for former Elks who have passed on), then a psychiatry appointment Dec.6, and even more appointments throughout the month. Wow! Busy stuff!nnAll in that time I will be getting packages delivered via USPS, UPS, etc. and I will be home for none of them (I don’t think), so I hope they will just be waiting for me when I return.nnCoffee is good. Be back later.

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