clean-up, focus-up

I started the day simply - coffee and a trip to BP. I forgot my psych med last night, as paid for it by the time I got back from the gas station: was totally spun out, and un-focused.

So, I took my meds as soon as I walked in the door. Better now.

Then a  rest, and now I am doing laundry, and finishing the budget. I have everything in the budget that I need short-term. Good deal!

I am placing an REI order of two pair of socks and a flashlight (flashlight because it's cheap and I need one). And then some tobacco purchases, incl a Rossi Notte 8673 bent bulldog pipe from

Other shit will be ordered too. All good.

Doing dishes right now, as well.

IC is tomorrow from 11:00 to 12:00 (that is the time there, I leave before then, though). An hour is good - better than nothin'. I am at the whim of Metro Call-A-Ride.

I have exact change ready to go for said trip


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