Straightened up the apartment a bit, Clorox Wipe'd down the kitchen counter, took out the trash, started the dishwasher (again, because I dirtied more dishes since earlier, haha), and I am thinking about just how friggin' badly I need a vacuum cleaner. Like, the carpets in my living room and bedroom damn near have a "crunch" to them, and I run the risk of attracting vermin if I do not do something about the state of the carpet very soon. I will have $$$ for a Wyze vacuum in February, so it is worth considering. And being a person who lives on their own, I should have the common sense (and decency) to at least have a basic appliance that is essentially required of all adults who have a private residence. I can go without a microwave, or a this or a that just fine, but hell, even the dude who lived with like NO possessions in that old ass Fair Companies video still had a stick vacuum to keep his place tidy. I mean, he DID sleep on the floor, so it made sense that he wanted said floor to be clean, but that guy (whoever it was) had like a small backpack in a BIG empty apartment, and a sleeping bag on the floor, and a computer desk, and a lounge chair, and that was basically it. Impressive.

Anyway, I should definitely prioritize the vacuum for Feb. Would be a wise (and long overdue) decision.

So, another even spent inside, it seems. And I am A-OK with this. And by the by, I recreated (nearly exactly) the Pong game in Scratch 2 (which is sort of like a lego block/game design/beginner-friendly type of application), by simply following the general tutorial for the game, and I made very little deviations from the tutorial, itself, so it isn't that exciting of an accomplishment, but I am still proud of the thing, nonetheless. I have it saved to the Mac as an .SVB file, I think, and I don't know what application I would use to open it other than Scratch 2, itself. And there is a way to convert it so it is playable on a series of platforms (turning a Scratch game into a file that can be uploaded to is an option, for example, but I won't even bother with that). And I was thinking of, perhaps, but I want to host it here on, if I can. I will see about that, though. Or at least make it downloadable? I'll see.

Oh, and I just realized that it was/is Scratch 3 that I made the game on. Not Scratch 2 like I had thought. Same difference.

Coffee was good.

back soon