Stepped outside a bit ago, as I did earlier, and will again later tonight – to get fresh air. Fresh *cold* air. Air that rejuvenates me and makes me feel good. Delightful.nnDecided to take my stomach meds a bit ago, as I don’t think they are *that* liver toxic, but the other meds and Tylenol and whatnot – no. I am off meds for the day, because I do not need more chemicals in my system. In fact, I am not even putting much food in my system, because as the old phrase goes: “starve a cold, feed a fever”, and I am doing just that – starving the cold. But, I am still eating adequately enough, for sure. So, I’ll be OK.nnIn fact, I am going to make a short trip to BP, for MORE fresh air!nnbe back later

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