I’ve never felt so obscenely violated as I have/did when working with an IoT product. What an atrocious invasion of privacy and dignity. Not to mention, it slings advertisements at you ever two minutes. I don’t have time for that – I don’t watch ads, I don’t watch TV, and I am not going to make room in my apartment to accommodate one (a television set).nnI will re-prioritize my spending in January to NOT account for a TV stand/entertainment center, as it will not be necessary. In fact, staying here at my sister’s house the two days following Xmas are a *perfect* opportunity to look around, see ALL that they have (and they think they “need”), and look at what *I* have at home (upon returning on Monday), and make me feel appreciative of the ability *to* feel appreciation. There’s so much high-end technological gidgets and gazmos and widgets sitting around this house – everything takes four steps to do, the tech, itself, invents problems that it then solves. Need WiFi to turn the lights on, need a phone to do *this*, a password to do *that* – why, Why, WHY???nnIt’s superfluous, and painfully wasteful.nnSo, upon returning home, I will turn on my lights manually with a light switch (like a caveman!), and then take down all of my Xmas decor and stow it away until next year, and then I will go through and see what stays and what goes in terms of extraneous BS I may have gathered like moss over the past year. I am thinking the Polk speakers will be the first to be sold (on CL), and then go from there.nnBack later

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