Google had like 40 chat apps in the past decade. I cannot name them all, or most of them, and none of them “stuck” with the company, because…reasons. I have no idea what the difference is between ONE way of sending someone a message of some sort, or ANOTHER way of doing the same thing? nnBut, I checked my Gmail (a backup account I have to reset my Proton Mail password, should I ever have to), which is a thing I do every few days (check my Gmail, that is). And I get this message:nn![](…I seriously didn’t know what the difference(s) could possibly be (again!), so I clicked the “Learn more” link, and was presented with some bullet point bits of information, instructions on how to activate Chats on every device imaginable, and then a chart putting Hangouts and Chats side-by-side, telling me the direct differences between the two. Just ADDING those features could work all the same, but…idk. It doesn’t matter.nnIt also made me think of how I tried to #DeGoogle my life at one point. Talk about a failed/futile exercise! I think a lot of people attempt this at one point (Kev Quirk had a [“De-Googling” series]( on his blog at one point, and someone even created a small app to find replacements for Google [which is surprisingly still on the Web today]( – it’s been since 2016 since I visited that site).nnBut no, Google has too much “stuff” happening online everywhere to really get away from it in any practical sense. Also, no one is pulling the wool over the eyes of the biggest data giant in Silicon Valley by uninstalling their Google Calendar app. I mean, mitigate where you can mitigate and don’t go chin-deep into their ecosystem, but avoiding the co altogether? It’s nearly impossible.nnAnd, here’s a little intro to [loser TMO]( from back in the day (when I first started putting stuff on this blog), back when I used Twitter non-stop, barely had the energy or confidence to write a cohesive blog post, and had a generally annoying way of writing out words. Hashtags through the text body is always a fun treat, too, eh?nnGod, I was such a jerk. LOL!nnNo idea if the concept of DeGoogling came from somewhere I saw online (likely the No More Google site) or if I thought it was a good idea on my own, but, it didn’t work and I don’t try to fuss with it anymore.nnback soon

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