So, I slept five hours this AM. Too much. I slept all day yesterday, so I didn't have to sleep at all this morning. But I did, so there we go ;)

I woke up, started coffee, drank coffee.

Now, it is 10:15, and I will walk to the store soon. I also fired up Standard Notes and made a 10 item checklist for some short term plans. I figure a list is a good thing to have, so everything I do is not just a matter of me "winging it". I mean the list could be (easily) a 20, or 30 item checklist, but that is excessive/unnecessary. It is a good/thorough list, I feel. Good deal :)

Also, called the refill meds, and it was too early for a refill (psych meds), so I will handle that another day. The stomach meds I am good on, though.

Now, I am feeling less groggy (good coffee), and will make my way to the store soon.

back soon