Sees random Twitter link on 1feed.appnnClicks linknnSees old accounts I used to follownnSees they were all updated within the past few hoursnn.n.n.nnYep, they’re still “out in it”. Wasting away on the side of the Internet Superhighway, turning over rocks in search of their next (elusive) dopamine hit. nnWhat is the old phrase – “As you are, I once was – as I am, you will be”. Quite true in terms of addiction recovery. Be it alcohol, amphetamines, video games, or social networks. Nothing lasts forever, so why sludge through unnecessary misery? nnIt’s over. Twitter lost. Facebook lost. Instagram lost. They all lost. Meaning they all lost the plot. And we all lost right along with them. But we lost something more valuable – time. So **we** get to feel the brunt of the failed experiment of the lightening fast social web. They don’t know what they’re doing or what they could have been – they are only what they became. It was rainbows and lollipops until the clouds moved in and they became the opposite of what they set out to be, and also the opposite of what they probably always wanted to avoid. nnUnless you just want numbers – in which case Facebook won. (~2B people on there), but they won until winning became impossible. They sort of “won the Internet” in a sense. And it’s now all downhill – forever and for always. Other numbers? Likes, Retweets, follower-counts; they’ll diminish with the userbase of the networks. Incidentally, NONE if it can go on a resume (much like a MySpace friend count is obsolete “bragging rights” in 2022). People will only be able to say: “man, I spent SO MUCH time and energy on Facebook (or whatever service they used the most).” Like me, who knew then and am still aware of now *just* how superfluous and pointless it all was. So now I do other things. Sometimes. Sometimes I don’t. I just observe reality, instead of trying supplement the boredom that comes from ignoring it (which *is* what social media does – takes you AWAY from reality) or infuse it as though it could “be something more” (which reality cannot “be more” than what it is (hence why it is reality)). But life is not a constant high, at all. Futile to think otherwise. nnJust taking note

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