So, when I would use the Terminal on macOS, my username was something like `myfullname % MacBookAir$`, or something like that. And I just wanted it to be `tmo$`, so I did a fast DDG search, and this is an easy thing to do (making the change), and found what I was looking for right away (in a post, believe it or not). I am running macOS Monterey, and that uses zsh, and before it used something else. I don’t know dill pickles from diddly squat, so I just “accepted” that they use this…system (or method? Protocol? Whatever), and moved along. It took about four minutes to get it to `tmo$` and now I am happy :)nnI DID read through a lengthy Apple Support forum where a guy was clicking through macOS Settings (trying to change his macOS username on that machine), and took like 20 steps to get nowhere. Then he reset his Mac. Then TimeMachine didn’t work. He lost hundreds of GB of files. And then finally installed a completely new OS.nnWildnnSo, that is probably typical of an Apple Support “solution” for you right there. Terrible.nnAnyway, all is good here.nnback soon

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