I’m not putting myself through that convoluted git BS again. It’s repulsive, I *always* walk away angry, and it is designed to make people feel foolish. I won’t go into it, and I won’t piss around with the topic, so I will just leave it at that, that other than some general contact information, Github will not be utilized by me other than for very general purposes. It’s a nightmare.nnAnyway, back to making **Thanx**. It kinda/sorta needs a facelift, but more importantly, needs to be “completed”. It likely will take more time than expected (I thought it’d be done at the start of 2022 – not going to be the case, I’d imagine). But that is OK, because there is no time crunch. Just going at my own pace :)nnNow, I sit awake (after having slept a few hours), and have a smoke and a pop. Just enjoying the early morning.nnHere’s a question: **will Thanx still be open source?** Well, *if* I can figure out a way to make it so, without using Github, GitLab, or Codeberg, or some other method, then, yes! And of course **Thanx** will always be a transparent project (just read through the #dev tag here, not to mention countless other posts that I failed to tag with “dev” properly – hell every aspect of the journey has been documented). So, there will be (even) more “*open*” offerings in the pipeline, including actual code and documentation in some form or another. Will take time though, indeed.nnAnd the “hub” for **Thanx** always has been, and always will be, *this* blog – **TMO** – because maintaining separate blogs has always been a pain for me. I just always devote all my time/energy to one blog or the other, so **TMO** will always take a higher priority, and everything is here, so no need for different blogs.nnAnd Thanx to all who stick around/follow along. Your readership is appreciate :)nnback laternn#devn

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